Assignment #60
Write a press release about an everyday event.

Write up a very official press release for something that you encounter on an everyday basis and send it to at least three news publications. The publication can be local, national or international. It doesn't matter if they report on your press release. The event that you are writing about can be anything as long as it is real, no fictional or ironic press releases. The subjects could be anything from writing about a dog that you see everyday in a neighbors yard, to the activities you see at a neighborhood basketball court.



(August 2nd, 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina) 

Acclaimed blogger Rollo Tomasi offered to cook a new chicken-curry recipe for his girlfriend, Lola, during the car ride home from his parents’ this afternoon. 

“She had been whining about craving curry for a couple of days now, so I figured she'd stop if I offered,” Rollo declared, “but when she suggested she'd rather pick up take-out from a Japanese restaurant, I almost took it back.” 

Rollo had dined with his friend Nico earlier this week, an encounter in which a chicken-curry recipe was allegedly discussed.

After a brief visit to the supermarket for the required goods, Rollo retired to his study to spend some time working, while Lola lazily stretched herself in the living room sofa. “I made the worst joke at the worst possible moment, that's all. Leos are terribly proud,” she explained. 

At 7:41 pm, the groceries were still lying over the kitchen stove and Rollo had not yet started cooking, but that was fine: “I think he'll do it, though. I mean we usually eat pretty late, anyway,” Lola said. “I guess I'd better cook something for Zoe nevertheless. She's got to go to bed early today”. 

Zoe is Lola’s eight year-old daughter, who is going back to school early tomorrow, after a totally undeserved four-week break.

(Sent to: Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post.)